Loupes - $699 and up

Expanded TTL Loupes


high quality Expanded TTL loupes for dentists, surgeons and hygienists. TTL is an abbreviation for “through the lens” which has the loupe attached right into the frame lens.

Micro TTL Loupes


Our Micro TTL Loupes (Through-the-Lens) are light weight and comfortable. The magnification ranges from 2.0x to 3.8x which is popular with dentist, hygienist, surgeons, veterinarians and other professionals looking for a quality light weight loupes with strong depth of view.

Feather Light TTL Loupes


Our Feather Light TTL loupes are light weight and ergonomic, designed for efficiency and comfort for working professionals. After a long day of wearing your loupes, they can sometimes feel heavy on your nose and head.

Standard Flip-Up Loupes


Our Standard Flip-Up Loupes has the functionality to be “flipped-up” out of your field of view, which then can be used as simple safety glasses. The convenience of these loupes are commonly used by the dental, veterinary and surgical industries.

Flip-Up Air Loupes


convenient design examined in detail to deliver a unique balance and functional system. The Flip-Up Air is a an impeccable blend of adaptability and mechanics. A loupe of exceptional ergonomics and functional adaptability.

Standard Prism Flip-Up Loupes


Our Standard Prism Flip-up loupes can be purchased in a variety of frame styles and colors! The magnification ranges from 2.5x – 8.0x to be adjusted for exactly what you need. Easily flip up the loupes away from your field of vision without having to completely remove the frames your head.

Frames - $399 and up

Titanium Frames


Combining function with fashion these loupes have clean lines, precise details, and lightweight comfort, this edgy rectangle frame is a great loupe frame for men and women. 

Sport Frame


Our Sports frames offer a truly customizable fit for each wearer. With frame colors offered in Black, Blue, Brown, Silver and White. Designed for a sporty look and feel, they include a flexible, rubber nose pad and rubber temples to assist with comfort as well as gripping. 

Wrap Frames


Wrap Frames are great way to display your style, while providing adequate protection and visibility. These stylish designs come in a variety of color combinations. Offered in Red with White temples, Black with Yellow temples, White with Blue temples, Silver with Gold and Black temples.

Smith & Wesson Frames


mith & Wesson, brings the very best in quality and safety. The impact-resistant technology will come in handy for any professional looking for a durable loupe. The additional lens coating helps prevent fogging up the sight of view. Smith & Wesson® is most known for it’s firearms, high quality production and reliability. 

Bike Frames


The Bike Frames offered by RXLoupes features the perfect combination of protection and sleek style. Get the best of visual clarity and professional eye protection with these stylish frames. Offered in vibrant Red/Black, Black/Blue & Black/Yellow your sure to make the design statement you intend.

Aluminum Frames


Aluminum Frames are lightweight, durable and strong. Choose from Red, Black and Silver to personalize your style. This classic design is perfect for any healthcare professional looking for quality eye protection with a sense of style. 

RXLight - $479


  • Surgical Quality
  • Bright 70,000 lux light
  • Less than 3 grams weight
  • USB Powered and Charge capable
  • Adaptable to any Loupe
  • Multiple brightness options
  • Battery lasts over 12 hours on high power
  • Tap Sensor for hands-free operation


RX Curing Light VS1


  • Radiometer
  •  Portable and Lightweight
  • Compact for easy use
  • Ergonomic Handle
  • LED
  • Full Digital Display with timers

RX Curing Light VS2


Same light but new “Grip” Curing Light


Dual Metal Case - $100


Single Metal Case - $50


Single Loupe Cloth Case - $25


Single Loupe Cloth Case - $65


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